No comparable volume exists...' - Pat Thane, Leverhulme Professor of British History, Institute of Historical Research, University of London, UK 'There is absolutely no competition...' - Bonnie Smith, Professor of History at Rutgers University, USA 'This fascinating reference book is an indispensable tool for those interested in women's writing and history. Carefully crafted and thoroughly researched, it extends the traditional definition of 'History' onto a much broader canvas.' - History Today 'An invaluable resource for anyone interested in the major themes of women's writing and women's history" - Antoinette Burton, Professor of History at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA 'The extensive Companion to Women's Historical Writing is a capacious and comprehensive reference work...The real work of the Companion takes place in the longer entries, many of which are perceptive and well-judged pieces that will inform specialists and browsers alike.' - The Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory Now in paperback, this much-acclaimed Companion traces the history of women's engagement with the production of history from antiquity to the present. It contains interpretative essays from almost 60 contributors and surveys the full range of historical writings in which women have engaged, including biographical and autobiographical writings, stories of women worthies, historical fictions, letter-writing and travelogue, as well as a range of more conventional kinds of history. In challenging the traditional narrow definition of 'history', this book explores the way in which women writers have negotiated and changed this ostensibly masculinist genre, and explores the relationship between feminism and the development of 'women's history'.